How I Coffee | Personal | Rose Wheat Photography

Today most people are celebrating the beginning of Spring, and I'm sitting on my couch, covered in a blanket with a beanie on my head. Because the outside? It may be spring-like for Alaskans, but this Kansas girl is feeling the chill! I am thankful though, as it has been unseasonably warm (or so they say). The ice has mostly melted from several roads and parking lots, and I admittedly have been grabbing less durable shoes and no-show socks. Let's face it though, I'm still scraping ice off my windows and reassured that my groceries will stay nice and cold if I leave them in the car. Because of that, I still have to be practical.

When it comes to thinking warm, I'm consistently drinking coffee (like I said… practical). No matter what time I wake up, I inevitably grind and brew a nice cup or two of drip. To my dismay, the search for an ideal coffee bean here in Alaska has been a bit of a challenge. While there are local places that boast fresh beans, I have yet to find a brew or roast to my liking. When you have experienced the best, satisfaction is a hard accomplishment. 

It's not uncommon to feel that way with a lot of things, not just because I'm in Alaska… but because I'm not home. What was "normal" in Kansas, I now refer to as "familiar," because so much around here is not familiar. Life in Manhattan was like a little security blanket, and when I'm not trying to re-create that life… I'm comparing it to life here. What I've come to learn is that the things I loved back home might not be as good here, but the things my new home has to offer are unparalleled (fresh seafood, terrifying tall mountains, etc). So even if that means I might have less access to my favorite things, *cough* Jimmy John's *cough*  it doesn't mean I'm entitled to the poor attitude that tends to accompany comparison.

For now, the search is still on for a yummy bean, and if that means drinking slightly more coffee than normal while I sample various bags… I'm ok with that! I hope that today you are encouraged to count your blessings and stop comparing, to enjoy the journey that is your life rather than enduring it. Here's a coffee cheers to looking to the sunny-side, despite your circumstances!