Winter and a Case of the Cooped-Ups | Personal | Fairbanks, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

The most delicate flakes started falling from the sky yesterday and haven't been the least inclined to at least pause for a coffee break since. While the world around us was starting to thaw and finally reveal that Alaska does indeed have grass on the ground and concrete pathways that before were mere trails of hard-packed snow, it's clear that spring simply cannot be beckoned by a date on a calendar. Despite that, Alaska, somehow, has decided to make the best of these layer-up-and-don't-forget-your-gloves-and-hat conditions. And we, the Wheatleys, somehow, decided that we couldn't stay cooped up inside all day either.

Yesterday, as combatants of a case of the cooped-ups, Jeff and I decided to venture out to the Chena River. We were met by small families toting their bundled-up babies behind them on snowmobiles (which is as adorable as it sounds), and the slowly melting snow and ice that will soon transform into a thriving waterway. The goal: attempt to use the Brenizer Method (otherwise known as a bokeh panorama) with my handsome husband as the subject. While the image is far from perfect, I finally feel slightly more capable of allowing you to grasp what this glorious state is like. Really, it doesn't show much, but this was one of the first places I visited when I got here, and I'm so happy to share a bit of that experience with you.

To see a larger version of this image, head over to my Flickr.