What Spring Brings | Living Alaska | Rose Wheat Photography

Fairbanks is absolutely a magical place when the birch trees start to sprout fluffy shades of green, and the landscape becomes something incredibly new in a soft, subtle way. Everyone has been remarking on how winter left a month early, but you won't see me complaining about that. ;)

Though the temperatures have been warmer, and I've been fantasizing about wearing sundresses and swimsuits, the sun has begun training for it's infamous ultrathon of midnight shining. It seems as though even now the night doesn't ever get completely dark.

In order to ensure that we get some shut-eye this summer, I took our "as advertised" black-out curtains (lolz) and transformed them into actual black-out curtains with the help of Roc-Lon Budget Blackout Drapery Lining from JoAnn. It's early May, but it's necessary.

About 4 yards and $20 later (thanks to the always-available 40% off coupon!), our bedroom was made a restful sleeping location yet again. It's a much more affordable option compared to buying legitimate black-out curtains, as I could feasibly apply this fabric to any cloth! A pretty sweet life hack if I do say so myself! And it also might be responsible for me sleeping in a little too late! ;) They work that well! 

If you're moving to Alaska soon or just want to keep the light out a little bit more, this is a really affordable and simple option. One line of stitches and you're done!

Here's to hoping you play hard but rest hard this summer!