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After you've graduated from high school, met that special someone, and exchanged your vows, you'll have little proof of the hectic, busy, and beautiful life you've lived. You'll have keepsakes, and you'll have stories, but let's face it---the best storytelling accompanists are photographs. They're your companion, as you're setting on the couch, years after your wedding, recounting the details of that moment in time with your little ones. That's why at Rose Wheat Photography, printing images are a high priority. Most of my wedding collections include wedding album credits for this very reason.

pAll signature albums are printed on high quality paper, bound in leather, and imprinted.

They are personally designed, customized to perfectly tell the story of your wedding day.

11. Millers_Signature_Albums_Rose_Wheat_Photography-2.jpg

The pages are designed with a flush-mount lay-flat design, where they can easily rest open and be viewed for display. All images are smooth to the touch and printed on photographic paper.

White end-pages are the start and end to your signature album, leaving room for dedications, words of wisdom, or simply clean, white, space.

Every album is delivered in a keepsake box, designed to help protect and preserve your precious photos. The leather covers come in a variety of colors that can be coordinated according to your wedding theme or personal preference.

They're great options both for your wedding images and engagement session photos. For more questions regarding wedding albums for your upcoming or past Rose Wheat session, drop me a line at emma{at}rosewheat{dot}com! 

Happy Thursday…. and happy photo printing!

Have the loveliest day,