Sam & Chelsea | A Life Story | Chena Hot Springs Road | Fairbanks, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

Nothing makes me want to photograph Alaska more than meeting two people who are absolutely in love with Alaska. It’s been clear to me ever since I stalked Chelsea on Instagram (she’s also a photographer here in Fairbanks at Rebel Photos), that this state is her jam. It seems that these two have whole-heartedly embraced Alaska in their time here, and it is so motivating! I want to have my big game and eat it too, all because of these crazy kids.

Meeting at a ball while re-enacting the civil war era, Chelsea and Sam’s story seems like something ripped out of literature. Even the way they speak, with subtle southern accents, make them to be like intriguing characters, that you will find yourself telling (good) stories about days after you cross paths with them. In a word, they are harmonious in the way they speak to one another and interact.

There’s something peaceful about them, and that serenity followed us throughout their session.  They walked on forest floors that were spongy and soft like carpet. They nestled amongst trees that are so distinct to this part of the world. They dipped their toes in the cold but easily flowing Chena River. Photographing them was like writing a novella, and I’d like to say it was all my doing, but more than anything, I’d say it’s just their lot in life

Thank you Chelsea and Sam for letting me drag you along the Chena River to give you some lasting moments of your time here in Alaska. You two are amazing, and I can’t wait to see the things in store for you in the years to come

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606