Taylor & Elliot | A Life Story | Fairbanks, AK | UAF & Golden Wheel's Summer Spectacular Carnival | Rose Wheat Photography

It's always such a pleasant experience to walk through the UAF campus, and each time I visit it reveals a new trail or alcove. Thankfully these two beautiful people were up for anything! Magical pathways? Sure! Mosquito wielding but beautiful tree spots? Of course! Kissing, snuggling, and being adorable for me? Not even a question. The whole time, I think they were just happy to be going on a walk together, to be seeing beautiful sights, and to be capturing this precious time in their life. Taylor and Elliot were simply enjoying each other, and I was enjoying watching it all unfold.

After soaking up some collegiate beauty, we made our way to the Golden Wheel's Summer Spectacular where I did not hesitate to throw them on a Ferris wheel. Because everyone wants to pretend they live in the Notebook, right? At one moment, we were stopped at the top and had our breath taken away by hands down the best mountain view in Fairbanks. It was nothing short of incredible, and it made my brief experience with these two that much more special. I can only guess that that moment, seeing the Alaska Range clear as day, was one of many gifts they will be receiving at this time in their life together. Actually, it's more of a fact, as Taylor recently found out she's expecting!

These two exude a special sort of kindness and consideration for each other and those around them. It's such an inspiring experience to be around people like this. Their positive outlook was clearly something that stretched beyond this photo session, and I know that it will be an assurance for them in the future.

Taylor and Elliot, thank you for allowing me to take your photos! You two were so fun to photograph, and always ready for my last second ideas. It made my job easy and your photos authentically you. :) Good luck during this precious time as you prepare to add children to this beautiful life of yours!