Rachael & Santiago | A Love Story | Fairbanks, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

He traveled from the bottom of the world to meet her at the top.

Meeting in Argentina, Rachael and Santiago fell in love. Eventually they knew that cross-continental dating wasn't enough, and they wanted to spend their lives together. Through time well spent and procedures properly accomplished, these two made their worlds collide as this Argentinian stepped foot in Alaska for the first time. As with most beautiful things, the final moments can feel the most prolonged. From his flights, to her final seconds checking the elevator, waiting for him to appear, they were eventually rewarded with the privilege (so taken for granted) of holding each other.  Weary traveling and restless waiting had no affect on the appearance of these love birds. Such a tender and precious time was shared by all. 

Months of paperwork and patience have passed and led to the moments that unfolded below. See Santiago meet Rachael's parents for the first time, and most importantly---get reunited with his sweetie. 

Rachael and Santiago, thank you for letting me be present during this delicate and special moment in your lives. Your wedding is going to be so amazing in countless ways, and I look forward to documenting it soon! 

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606