The Canaskis | A Breezy Flint Hills Kansas Anniversary Session | Manhattan, KS

These two have filled me with nothing short of the sweetest joy! This being the third time I've photographed them, I'm always happy when the opportunity arises. Not just because repeat clients are stupid flattering! But because they're just wildly adorable to be around. Elise and Michael are always so quick to show the deepest happiness and love for one another!

This will be my last session with them for a long while, as they will be leaving the great state of Kansas soon. That being said---the whole session was wildly bittersweet, but it was a wonderful opportunity to capture the essence of Kansas with strong winds, rolling hills, and love in its purest form. :)

Join me through their sweet session!

We were able to capture some of the prettiest landscapes at the beginning of their session! 

They brought their sweet dog Ozzy who seemed mildly intimidated by my camera. Poor guy! His lack of perky-ears and generally hesitant demeanor had us all giggling.

Elise and Michael were able to look like models, despite their sweet hound. ;) Thankfully, once I popped on a larger lens and backed away, Ozzy perked his ears right up!

We ended our session in the coziest of ways, and it made for the perfect conclusion to little shoot. :)

Elise and Michael (...and Ozzy!)---thank you so much for letting me photograph you before your big move! It means so much that you made time for me. :) Best wishes as your begin this new journey in your lives!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606