Catherine & Andrew | Breezy Top of the World Anniversary Manhattan, KS | A Life Story

Catherine and Andrew first approached me a couple years ago before they were married. They were young, adorable and in love. And really, those same words can describe them today. Despite being married for around two years, they still are exceptionally silly with one another. Well... Andrew is silly and Catherine gracefully endures the treatment. ;)

It was a true joy to photograph this goofy, good-looking pair with the gorgeous fall surroundings of Manhattan!

Join me on our breezy little early-fall adventure in the lovely Little Apple!

We started our session at Top of the World, full of epic views of the classic Flint Hills. The breeze, though romantic, was a little bit much for Catherine's glamorous locks of hair, so we made our to Washington-Marlatt Memorial Park where these two got snuggly-cute.

Oh yeah. You know the types.

Gosh they look good!! 

This photo above bubbles up all the happy feels within me. 

Hey you cuties---thanks for trusting me to photograph you! It was such a blast to have the opportunity, and it a huge compliment that you asked me back to photograph you for a second time! In the meantime, stay lovely and---Happy Fall Ya'll!!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606