Maureen & Jay | An Emma Creek Barn Fairytale Wedding Story

They share a smile. By that, I don't mean that they share smiles with one another. I mean it's like their smiles are the same. When he smiles, he exudes her joy, and the same can be said of her for him.  The moment they finally go to hold each other that day, that was clear. Their hearts practically beat the same. She had waited years for him to pursue her, and once he did, it seemed that everything just fell into place.

While their wedding day had adorable details, classy decorations, and incredibly heartfelt elements---it was clear that their main focus of the whole day was the people. Guests crossed borders and hopped across oceans to see them get married, and it was clear all in attendance carried a deep love for both of them. Their love was returned to their guests with the utmost joy from Mo & Jay, as they greeted them warmly with open arms and huge smiles.

Being a part of such an important day in their lives was a true joy for me! Between myself and the fine-tuned eye of Emma York's photography, we were able to capture something wonderfully unique and precious. Now, go have a taste of their sweetly romantic and slightly whimsical Emma Creek Barn wedding. :)

Mo took her mother's wedding dress from the 1980s and had a seamstress tailor it and redesign some elements. Everyone was so eager to see what she looked like in this unique creation! When the moment finally came, the whole room stood in awe. Over and over again, her friends and family looked at her, taken aback by her sight. At the same time, it was especially surreal for her mother to button her very own wedding dress onto her daughter. 

The giggles from her bridesmaids and the sheer joy to see their friend get married was so dear that afternoon!

Before everything got started, Mo wanted to take a few moments alone with her father as he saw her dressed as a bride for the first time.

Emma snuck away to grab a few shots of Jay getting ready shortly before the girls started to pray over Mo. I love the details she captured of him, as well as the expression she got of one of her bridesmaids praying (pictured below). The whole time was full of sweet, uplifting words that left everyone in the room feeling a little weepy.

Before she knew it, it was time for her to see Jay for the first time as a groom. He patiently waited with eyes closed to see her, and she was so thrilled to see him! Together, their worries seemed to melt away. 

Mo seeing her groom: "You look so handsome!" She couldn't stop saying it for the rest of the day! These two moments captured above by Emma are some of my favorites from their day!

After their first look we explored the place where they were soon to be married and soaked up the beauty around them. :)

Soon after, their wedding party greeted them. Talk about 18 people that really freaking loved their bride and groom for the day!

After family photos, we snuck over to grab some shots of Mo with her flower girls. They were absolutely the sweetest as they proudly held their baby's breath sprigs and got some one on one time with the bride.

In no time at all, the wedding party was lined up at the ceremony. Jay waited with a peaceful contentment for his bride-to-be.

She walked with such grace and assurance towards him before the peaceful and pure ceremony.

We headed to their reception where they shared toasts and cut their cake. Again---they had so much loved from their maid of honor and best man! Everything went back to Jesus for these two, and the way their lives were personally changed by his work through them.

Before we snuck away for sunset photos, one of her bridesmaids took a moment to touch up her makeup. The way Jay looked and patiently waited. Ugh! So sweet.

Afterwards we snuck away for some sunset photos. Goodness gracious! This was where things started to feel magical! From a forest, to a splitting river, to a field of golden grass---it seemed like we stepped into another world!

Fall and it's subtleties adorned the nature around them and filled the air with a cool breeze. It made so many moments feel as though we were walking through a fairytale, as leaves gently fell to the ground and the smell of them filled our lungs. We wandered down paths, into the rare bits of woods that Kansas occasionally offers.

The dried grass of fall made for amazing autumn hues. It was a peaceful time, away from the crowd, where they got to soak in the realization that they were married.

The time went all too quickly! With the sun setting on the reception, we headed back.

Mo & Jay shared a joyful first dance as husband and wife.

Shortly after, her father joined in.

After the introductory dances, everyone was ready to boogie!! They got funky.

There was even a little (to Emma's and my surprise!) Zumba. Like... what?! It. Was. Awesome.

Mo & Jay left their reception with all the love and all the support from their guests. It was a most celebratory way to exit their wedding!

To be there was all things joyful, Jesus-centered, and beauty-filled. Thank you both for trusting me to document your day! Emma and I both left with full hearts! In the meantime---have a blast at your Tahoe honeymoon and ultimately---HAPPY BEING MARRIEDNESS!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606