Kerri & Derek | Intimate and Joyful Cedar Tree Barn Wedding | Parsons, KS

Their marriage was a long-awaited time for the both of them, and when they met one another, they knew their moment had come. Which explained why it was an overwhelming and emotional day not just for them---but for most of the people that had the honor to share in that day with them. So many joyful tears were shed, and they were a clear indication of how invested everyone was in them and their relationship.

Kerri and Derek exchanged vows and celebrated their marriage with their closest loved ones at the pristine Cedar Tree Barn, complete with rustic details and so many twinkle lights. It made for a wildly romantic and incredibly cozy setting for those two to say, "I do."

Join me as we walk through this intentional, October wedding outside of Parsons, KS. :)

When I arrived at the venue, the musicians were practicing the worship music for the ceremony. It filled me with a great sense of peace and gave me a feeling that Kerri and Derek were going to have a day that was more than just a party. And that proved to be so wonderfully true.

Kerri's bridesmaids were her biggest cheerleaders on her wedding day. The whole lot of them were so excited through every moment. It was clear she chose women who had an positive effect on her life and would be her greatest support not just at her wedding---but for many days and years to come!

Kerri gave her mother a gift (a handkerchief for tears... appropriate!), and they shared a weepy, laughter-filled moment together before getting into the thick of her wedding day.

Now those girls---like I said---freaking loved Miss Kerri. It was just too much. Almost. ;)

And darnit did she and Derek look good!

After a few initial photos of the wedding party, Kerri wanted to take a moment to honor her father with a gift. As you might have imagined, tissues were in fact needed!

Kerri and Derek wanted to share a moment before their ceremony in prayer. Since they chose to see other for the first time as she was walking down the aisle, Derek kept his back turned while Kerri held his hand. Sometimes it seems the one person a groom or bride needs most before getting married is their future spouse, and it was clear these two had already begun to depend on each other.

They spent a few moments before the Lord, weeping and raising up supplications before their most impactful time of the day.

Phew. These two. Still tearing up over them!! Moving on!

Their florals were super cute. And their flower girls. And their family. Cute & emotional? Goodness. Shut it down.

Those poofy little flower girls were quite the pair. While one decided not to make the trek down the aisle, the oldest most nonchalantly tossed her petals aside. Sassy!

It was then Kerri's turn as her sweet father escorted her down the aisle as Derek saw her for the first time that day.

Their ceremony was full of worship and laughter as the sun sat on their newly united love.

Their guests adorned them in red, sparkly confetti as they fled their ceremony with the utmost joy.

We skittered out to the nearby pasture to grab some sunset photos, and the light was erfect for them. Seriously. Perfect.

Marriage looked goooood on these two!

We headed over to some twinkle lights (you better believe it) for a little bit of sparkly magic.

Their best man and maid of honor were full of adoring and hilarious things to say. Again---I was thrilled to see they were so well-loved!!

Their first dance was so sweet and cozy.  :)

After they settled into their reception, we ran outside for a few more romantic moments.

The whole evening passed so quickly! Before I knew it, they were fleeing their ceremony through a tunnel of sparklers. 

Thank you both for letting me share in your wedding day! It was such a sweet and joyful time to be a part of. :) Best wishes to you both as you begin your lives as husband and wife!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606