RWP Falling for Fall 2015



RWP Falling for Fall is b a c k, and it’s looking goooood. For those of you wondering, RWP (Rose Wheat Photography) Falling for Fall is all about getting some sweet fall-lovin’ in while this savory  season lasts! This will be it’s third year in action (with an Alaskan hiatus in 2014) and here are some of the lovely things I have lined up!

In previous years, #rwpfallingforfall has been a bit of a photo competition. But let’s be honest---you are probably loving this season just as much as the other guy, and I don’t want to take that away from you by picking who has the best images. Instead, we’re going to go about this all sexy-like and draw from a hat. 


To make things a little more snazzy, each week you’ll be presented with a theme. This year’s themes are: feast, sip, cozy, wanderfall, & harvest. Your challenge will be to post a picture from your autumnal experiences that suits the theme that week.  Prizes will be issued weekly (um… yes!) with the culmination starting two weeks prior to Thanksgiving with "Harvest" week and the biggest giveaway of the whole shebang ending 8 days before Turkey Day itself.



All of this fantastic fun will be going down on Instagram. You simply enter by:

1. Posting your picture

2. Tagging & following @rosewheat

3. Using a hashtag with the corresponding theme (i.e. #wanderfall)

4. Using the #rwpf4f hashtag

5. Scrolling through all the other Wheatie’s photos and sharing the fall lovin’!

Lastly, and most importantly, the point of all of this (more than celebrating the season!) is to draw near to those people you love and enjoy the season with them! All PSLs are best enjoyed with company amiright?! So find friends, have fun, and get ready for some great giveaways! Everything kicks off TODAY my friends! And the first giveaway will be announced over on Instagram (

Head on over to Instagram for morefunthanevereverver. K? K. See you there!


Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606