Rachel & Gabe | A Classy Downtown Kansas Capital Wedding Story | Dillon House, Topeka, KS

The day was breezy, romantically so. Like something out of a movie. Rachel was poetically beautiful and timelessly adorned, and even Gabe was channeling his inner Cary Grant. The whole day was masterfully directed, and no detail was left untouched or unnoticed. 

They held their entire wedding from getting ready to dancing late into the night at the beautifully restored Dillon House in Topeka, KS. From the sun-filled morning to the dimly-lit evening, it made for the coziest place to feel all sorts of in love.

Rachel & Gabe have a magnetic, passionate sort of chemistry about them. (In a “we need to reapply the lipstick again, but that’s totally ok” kind of way!) What they have was long-awaited by both of them, and it reflects the years of anticipation they carried to have a forever someone with whom they could share a life. It was heart-warming, classic, and so, so very sweet to see everything come together for them this past Saturday!

So for a moment (or three!), join me on Rachel and Gabe’s classic downtown Topeka wedding!

Rachel tastefully added gold details throughout her wedding day, and it really set-off a mid-century glamour for her whole day!

Seeing Gabe and Rachel put on their final details and become a groom and a bride for their wedding was one of my favorite parts of the day.

They shared their first look in the Kansas Capital building, and it was magical! Seriously though---I may or may not have been quietly humming the Beauty and the Beast theme to myself after they saw each other and throughout their portraits together. Swoon!

The exterior of the capital was just as gorgeous as the inside, with massive stone detail and giant staircases that set the tone for a romantic, fall afternoon.

Rachel carried herself with so much grace!

Nothing says forever like being wrapped up in a cathedral veil and staring at your future husband. :)

After visiting the Dillon House weeks prior, I knew we had to take some moments on the front steps of the capital. It made a gorgeous setting and gave me all the Ad Astra per Aspera feels!

Rachel was pleased as pie to find that the Dillon House had just been decorated for Christmas. It really made for an up-town fairytale look!

Once their portraits were done, we welcomed their friends and family outside for portraits. It was a most gorgeous gathering of classy/handsome/pretty!

Her bridesmaids and all of their handmade bouquets made me want to dive into the pretty and never surface!

And there she stood, elegantly poised, merely a handful of breaths before she had the honor of being Gabe's wife.

Afterwards, everyone gathered in the dressing room upstairs. It was a calm and joyful time, where everyone soaked in the newest realization that these two were married! From family hugs, flower-girl snuggles, to hand-written notes from bridesmaids, it was a very loving time!

We stepped outside for a few night-time shots, and it. was. awesome. I never, ever wanted to leave!

Once the Dillon House was reception-ready, everything felt exceptionally cozy! 

They couldn't have look more pristine entering their reception!

Everything was so wildly romantic during their first dance. It was their first time to share with everyone their sweet, newlywed love!

Even the parent dances were full of emotional sentiments! It was clear they were surrounded by people that truly cherished them. :)

They danced the night away, lingered with their favorite people in the whole world, and joyfully settled into their fresh state of marriage. It was an incredibly beautiful day, and I was just so honored be asked to be a part of it! Showing up---I couldn't believe so many of the gorgeous details, and I was astounded by the ease with which everything seemed to come together!

Thank you both for letting me be a part of your amazing day together, and for reals---enjoy your amazing honeymoon! Soak up all the beauty! 

In the meantime---thanks for stopping by folks! I hope you all have a glorious fall day!

Venue: Dillon House
Catering: Aboud's Catering
DJ: Scott Simpson

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606