The Moxlows | A Summer Warner Parker 6 Month Life Story | Manhattan, KS

The Moxlows have been in my life for several years, and in terms of adorable---they rank pretty high in my eyes. But then. THEN they became parents. Did they lose the ease with which they seemed to look dang good? Did they forget about the joys of vintage clothes with the arrival of their little bundle of joy? NEVER! In fact---Landyn might just be their best accessory!

Chelsea and Joe have big hearts for their friends, family, and the broken world, and I know that means they're going to instill the same beliefs in their baby boy. Right now though---his biggest concern is whether or not he's going to get slobber on his bow tie.

So, if you're mentally prepared for some chubby cuteness, join me at their sweet little Life Story at Warner Park. :)

Normally we talk about the way guys look at their ladies, but let me tell you---Chelsea gives Joe the sweetest gazes! The way they adore each other is so precious!

Landyn was a total ham. That kid was all grins!

Chelsea and Joe---photographing you has been a long time coming, but it was so worth the wait! You were wildly adorable, both in style and the way you love your baby and each other. You have such a cute little dude on your hands, and I know you're going to be such great examples for him as parents! Happy parenting, friends!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606