Meagan & Jeff | A Lazy T Ranch Natural Beauty Outdoor November Wedding Story | Manhattan, KS

Meagan and Jeff and are pair that just fits. Just by spending a small amount of time with them, it's been very clear to me that they have a wonderful harmony between them, that makes them a peaceful couple to be around. Their personalities reflected their wedding in that it carried on with ease, and everything seemed to fall perfectly into place.

Fall in November turned out to be the perfect time for them to get married, and while the leaves had left most of the trees, their shining personalities and of all their loving guests seemed to be enough adornment in and of itself. The day, though a bit breezy at times, was just the right amount of chilly to create a buzz in the air outside---and a wonderful sense of coziness inside!

The overlook of the Flint Hills from Lazy T Ranch made for a breath-taking Kansas backdrop to say "I do," and Sunset Zoo was the perfect location to end the day. :)

Join me on Meagan & Jeff's outdoor autumn wedding full of natural beauty and the most endearing love!

Meagan's bridesmaids (all ten of them!) were so excited to see her in her wedding dress. It was clear they all had eagerly anticipated the day she'd be a bride! Her mother was equally, if not more, excited. :)

Their getting ready area was full of so much sunshine!! I loved the way they all glowed. :)

Shortly after getting ready, Meagan's dad arrived for a father-daughter first look. He was thrilled to see his baby as a bride while Mom looked on from the corner of the room.

Meagan looked enchanting as she made her way to Jeff for their first look!

Nothing compares to a couple seeing each other for the first time on a wedding day!

The Flint Hills and the surrounding crops made for the perfect scenery for their portraits!

After their first look, their wedding party and family joined them for photos. I couldn't get over how beautiful they all looked as a group! Also, Kistner's Flowers did an amazing job on their florals, which set the somewhat whimsical tone for their wedding. :)

The moment below where Meagan's parents took it upon themselves to carry her train was too sweet. I love the way she was cared for throughout her whole wedding!

With coffee cups in hand thanks to Arrow Coffee Co. and fleece blankets for warmth, the guests were more than prepared for Meagan to marry Jeff!

Jeff looked pretty ready himself. He had this confident look like he'd waited for the day his whole life.

Her girls. Sheesh. They just exuded love and adoration for this sweet pair!

With the sun quickly setting after their ceremony, we explored the area around their wedding for some dreamy portraits.

These two. So breathtaking.

Everyone was so excited to spend some time with them as husband and wife! Their arrival received a more than jubilant welcome!

Their guests attentively and happily watched their first dance as husband and wife.

Then they busted some moves of their own on the dance floor. ;)

Meagan & Jeff---thank you so much for making it possible for me to photograph your wedding! It was just an incredibly gorgeous day, and it was truly the perfect way to end my 2015 wedding season! I hope your marriage is blessed and joyful! In the meantime---have a glorious honeymoon! I know it's going to be amazing!!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606