Anna & Brett | A Fall Konza Prairie Love Story | Manhattan, KS

Anna and Brett are such a sweet and genuine couple together. They seem to balance each other so well with his quiet demeanor and her slightly more exuberant personality. ;)

We met out at the gorgeous Konza Prairie where it was just starting to take on it's fall transformation. The golden grass made for the perfect, sun-filled setting for them to share their love for each other in front of the camera!

Take a moment to enjoy Anna & Brett's sunny, creative Autumn Konza Prairie engagement!

So Anna, being a creative mastermind (she's trained in ballet and violin), took it upon herself to sew this awesome, flowy maxi skirt---all because I encourage my clients to wear clothing that's breezy and shows movement! It totally paid off!

Once they changed outfits, the gorgeous depths of fall came out! I loved they way they looked so cozy with each other as the sun turned golden around them.

Apparently Brett is wonderfully at home in his hat, so Anna wanted to be sure to grab a couple shots of them with it. She couldn't help but try his hat on for size as well. ;)

Anna & Brett---thank you for being so sweet and creative, and putting all the thought you did into your engagement session. Your wedding is going to be amazing next Fall! I cannot wait for that day to roll around!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606