Emma York Photography | A Manhattan, KS White Wall Branding Headshot Session

Oh Emma! How I love this lady!

From meeting her as a barista, photographing her engagement and wedding, having her as a summer intern, and ultimately watching her blossom into an incredible photographer---it's been an amazing journey with her as my friend! Just this past November she launched her photography business, Emma York Photography.

It was amazing being apart of her initial process and getting to photograph her headshots. There's nothing quite as cool as getting the chance to capture someone's personality so they can share it with the world!

See what I mean with these glimpses of gorgeous I had with miss Emma. :)

Hope you loved getting a chance to know Emma a bit through photography! :) And Emma---thanks for trusting me to capture you! In the meantime all---have a gorgeous December and an even better holiday season!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606