Sydney & Tim | A Russell, Kansas Prairie Engagement

Sydney and Tim found each other when the timing seemed absolutely perfect. After going through college and never really finding anyone that was right, these two seemed to fall into each others lives and be exactly the right fit for one another at exactly the right time.

Getting to see these two interact with one another was so sweet! They have a peaceful sort of love between them that doesn't beg for attention but clearly has a depth. It makes me certain that their wedding day is going to carry the same sort of weight. It's going to be wonderful!

For now though, enjoy a few traditionally Kansas moments with this pair in and near Russell Kansas. :)

Oh these snuggles! I think this was their happy place.

The glowy sunset + the Kansas grasses made for the most romantic scene for these two!

I can't wait to photograph your wedding this Spring! It's going to be wonderful in so many ways, I absolutely know it! Otherwise---good luck to both of you during these last few months of wedding planing!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606