The Adkins' | A Love Story | Fort Wainwright, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

Back in November I had the chance to photograph the gorgeous Adkins family. While I had some fun little shots of them with their babies, I chose to let this post be all their's. Four babies between them, it's encouraging to see how cute they still are with each other! They weren't afraid to make-out, so much so that come the end of our session Lily (a pretty amazing hair and makeup stylist) managed to apply some lipstick to Josh's face by accident. If I were really into hashtags in inappropriate places, I'd say: #worthit

But I'm not. So I won't.

Enjoy these, ugh, gorgeous people. No no, you'll be ok. You just might feel less gorgeous. #notmyfault (I really hope that's not that case. Hopefully you'll just feel like you want to get your picture taken! Peace, love, and donuts!)

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606