The Jordans | A Love Story | Fort Wainwright, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

Sophia reached out to me when I first got to Alaska and has proven to be one of the most genuinely kind people I've ever met. She truly cares about the best interest of others, and with a personality that matches that of a husky (sweet, bubbly, and endlessly energetic---this girl runs marathons!), it's not surprising that Steve fell for her! 

Before leaving Alaska, they wanted a session that encapsulated the beauty of the state, because they thoroughly enjoyed their time there. I was so flattered they reached out to me to photograph them and help them remember the "true" Alaska before they left. Did I mention, it's triple flattering because Sophia herself is a photographer at Sophia Jordan Photography. So you know, no pressure! ;) 

As you'll see in their pictures, Alaska is their heart home! And their husky, Flynn, is their baby! He's so adorable---and adored, he even has his own Instagram.

Enjoy a glimpse into the hearts and lives of the sweet, sweet Jordans!