Aubrey & Damias | A Love Story | Fairbanks, AK | Rose Wheat Photography

Aubrey and Damias had the sweetest chemistry at their session! They had this special ability to look absolutely tickled one moment and entirely enamored with one another the next, as you'll see below. We met at the Alaska Dog Musher's Association, which meant they were wrapped in sunshine which somehow makes the whole scene happier. In many ways, shooting them was incredibly refreshing! At the time we had the session it felt like we had just surfaced from days of overcast darkness, and the whole situation just made me want to hug them or take them out to coffee or buy them a puppy or something. I'm just going to guess that they felt the same. ;)

Thank you for trusting me to photograph you two, and for being so wonderfully genuine! 

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606