Back in Kansas | Update | Rose Wheat Photography | Otis // Manhattan // Kansas City

Just after living a year in the Last Frontier, I have clicked my heels and found myself back in the Sunflower State. While I've been planning a trip home to Kansas for months, God has been orchestrating a greater agenda for Jeff and me. Just one day before I left for WPPI (an epic photography conference) in Las Vegas, my husband received word that he would be leaving the Army. We had been waiting to hear back for months, knowing that when the time came we would leave very quickly. It made it difficult to plan ahead, but we were ready and waiting for the moment. Timing has been everything, and God is just showing off, displaying how much he's carrying us through these situations.

For the time being, we've decided to make our home in Otis, Kansas, my teeny tiny hometown (not even a stoplight!), where we will continue our transition into the civilian world. Snow-covered hills and countless trees are replaced with barren landscapes. But as Winter holds close in Alaska, Spring is coming here in Kansas. Buds have revealed themselves, reminding me that as this state will soon become a summery, lush landscape, filling the trees with leaves and wildlife, we too will be coming into a new state of growth, bearing new fruits in our lives. We will be turning over a new leaf and beckoning the best kinds of transformation.

I'm wildly excited about entering a literal and figurative Spring in my life. It makes me want to wear a sundress, jump on a personal trampoline, and call myself Sunshine. I'll do two of the three. Ok, one out of the three. But only because I'm only an extrovert on the inside.

New horizons are emerging for Rose Wheat Photography as well, and I'm so pleased that you've decided to join me for the ride! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks and months for glimpses of change! For those of you that are in Kansas, I have a special introductory rate for the month of March. It goes as follows:

$250 includes:
Up to 60 minutes of shooting
$100 one-time-use print credit (must be applied to images from session)
Images delivered through online gallery (About 45, edited)

As always, e-mail me at for more information. :)

All of you Kansans---I just want to hug you like crazy! I've missed your spirits! 


Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606