The Jones' | A Love Story | Kansas State University Spring Magnolia Anniversary | Rose Wheat Photography

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Gosh. I just want to throw glitter-bombs in their general direction. And not in the insulting way. In a symbolic, you-guys-are-like-a-million-flecks-of-beauty-floating-around-in-a-cloud kind of way. Oh yeah. Serious glitter-bombs, people.

The Jones' are one of my favorite couples. Not only did I get the pleasure of photographing their engagement session when Rose Wheat Photography was a wee babe, but I also had the honor of covering the day they vowed to be husband and wife, where they share their first dance to Kick Drum Heart by the Avett Brothers:

"There's nothing like finding gold
within the rocks hard and cold
I'm so surprised to find more
Always surprised to find more."

And that's Amy and Dan. Always finding more gold in one another, making the other shine just a little more with the growing weeks and years that they are together, being a pair that brings out the best in one another. It's a beautiful, admirable quality that results in some serious levels of adorable.

Now go, you two, show the world how cute you are:

I wasn't lying when I said they were cute. They weren't even trying here.

Oh you guys, thanks for being the best. And thanks for letting me kidnap you for a photo session so I could brag on how wonderful you are. :)

Happy Tuesday, rosewheaties!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606