The Nordgrens | Ward Meade Park Old Prairie Town Anniversary Session | Topeka, KS | Rose Wheat Photography


Rachel and Hans are a freaking awesome couple.

Enough said.

Ok fine, I'll say some more. ;) This September they'll be celebrating two years as Mr. & Mrs. Nordgren. It's amazing to me how quickly time passes, and even though we're about the same age---it makes me feel old! They're deep thinkers, who consider their thoughts and actions (I mean---Rachel goes so far as to wear Warby Parker glasses! Adorable + helpful = double-edged blessing), and are centered in Christ. They're passionately invested in their fur child Banjo (I love it when couples ask through giggles if they can bring their dog(s)!) and had to have him accompany them on their session. Otherwise, they spent a better part of an hour giggling, tickling, and looking stupid romantic together in Ward-Meade Park.

Their love for one another is something deeper and more profound than when I last photographed them, and that can only be attributed to the tiny bit of marriage they have under their belts. I only expect greater things from them in the coming years! See what I mean in the following moments:

Thank you both for letting me document your married love! It's something so sweet to capture another chapter of your lives, not to mention have unadulterated Rachel and Hans time for an hour. ;)

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606