The Simoneaus | A Life Story | Hays, KS | Breezy Smoky Hill Country Club Family Session

Sara is someone I've known since I was little. She was always light-hearted and caring. Seeking the best interest in others seemed to be something that came easily to her. Not only that, but her hair was pretty much always perfect. It's not surprising that she ended up becoming a hair stylist and spends her day balayage-ing her socks off.

While I wasn't able to be around for her wedding or the birth of her little girl, I leapt at the chance to photograph her sweet little family of three. Benelli was a freaking sweetheart with her toothy-grin, while Sara and Shay kept steaming up my lens. It pretty much made for an unstoppable session combo, especially with the Smoky Hill Country Club as our setting.

Enjoy this little vignette of the lives of the Simoneau family!

Thank you both again for letting me photograph your gorgeous selves! 

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606