The Bates Life Story | Manhattan, KS | Konza Prairie Sunset Maternity Session

Elizabeth and Sean and some of the coolest people I've had the opportunity to know. Despite the circumstances they might be in, they always find a way to laugh and make light of a situation. Even when their wedding day was obscenely rained on, they made the most of it and still joyously welcomed marriage. Sometimes, a rescheduled session (which we had to do for them!) proves to be tens times better than the first could've ever been----and it was so true for these two! Wrapped in sunshine and surrounded by Kansas' great, green earth---we were able to celebrate this time in their lives before they became a  mom and dad.

While we hiked the Konza prairie (Elizabeth got with it, man!), these two just giggled their socks off from pose to pose. P. S.--- I'm super lucky to get the chance to photograph such ridiculously good-looking people all the time. ;)

This is them actually being happy together. ;)

You two are just the best for letting me capture this fleeting moment in your lives! Elizabeth---pregnancy suits you! You should be pregnant every day! Sean---you're clearly the perfect baby daddy for her! Enjoy parenthood you two!!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606