Stacy & Tyler | A Love Story | Creamer's Field Engagement Fairbanks Alaska

Before I photographed Stacy and Tyler’s epicly chic Alaskan wedding, I got to have some two on one time with them out at Creamer’s Field. This was where I got to see their fantastic/goofy/easy-going personalities in action.  We all learned about our shared loathing for mosquitoes, and they shared a little bit of their adorable love story. They met… get this… at a wedding. You’re pretty much ruined from then on, right?!

Take a look at these cutie pies, and see what I mean! Their engagement 100% set the standard for their wedding---so that means it was pretty great!

This is right about where Stacy was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. But you wouldn’t know. Because she’s a freaking boss in front of the camera.

Just an image, that Stacy. Good. Ness. Oh yeah, and you too Tyler. ;)

After their outfit change, we meandered over to this breezy area where things got real romantic-like. Then we snuck over to this nook where Tyler proceeded to pester Stacy in the darned cutest of ways.

Safe in her (at the time) future hubby's arms. :)

And there we have it folks. An easy, breezy, Fairbanksian engagement with one of my favorite pairs. I'm so sad I won't be around for all their life milestones. *cough*babies!!!*cough* But they're a terribly awesome fit, so they've got that going for them. ;)

Thank you both for squeezing me in just weeks before your wedding! It was so much fun getting to photograph you both!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606