Bekah & Jon | A Love Story | Wildcat Creek Park Engagement | Manhattan, KS

Bekah and Jon. They carry a light these two. The amount of scrunchy, giggly-faced images I have from this session is borderline obscene. Like, how can two people be so freaking happy?! Not only that, but in their serene moments (seriously, we all almost took a nap standing up it was that peaceful), you could tell they carried a depth that was beyond their years. It was so energizing to see and experience! They bring their vulnerability, their eagerness to grow as a couple, and their hunger for wisdom (not to mention their joy!) straight to the table with no fear. All that goes to say --- their wedding day is really going to be something else!

So that being said, take a little mozy with me through their Wildcat Creek Park engagement session and get a little taste of what I mean. 

These two were so in the moment. They could be overjoyed, and laughing into each other (that's a thing, I think), and the next---be enraptured in the moment, perfectly still. Like this look from Bekah below. Like, what?! Fierce, my friend. Just fierce.

While in the middle of their session, I asked them if they shared a verse that held particular meaning for them. They brought me to Joshua 24. If you've read it, you would know they are setting a beautiful promise before themselves. From day 1 they are setting out to be wholly dedicated to the Lord, never looking back, and I commend them for their dedication and wisdom.

Thank you Bekah and Jon for trusting me enough to pose you in the middle of a creek, put you in goofy poses, endure my artsiness, and all-in-all be yourselves for an evening in front of my camera. You two are already a blessing in my life, and I look forward to being there the day you get married!!! In the meantime---happy wedding planning friends!!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606