Mo & Jay | A Love Story | Konza Prairie Engagement | Manhattan, KS

Mo and Jay, acquainted for years, and a little bit in love for a little bit too long. They kept their mutual affection hidden until it came down to the last second. So in love, she almost ran away because she couldn't wait any longer for him to approach her. When he finally did, it was as though things were always meant to be that way. The timing. was. perfect.

If you see these two, it's not surprising that they've decided to share the rest of their time on earth together. They fully enjoy and appreciate one another, while also respecting and seeking to honor their future better-halves. They're just so in sync (even their smiles are the same!!).

It's going to be an absolutely momentous occasion when these two tie the knot this October, but in the meantime, get the most of the sweet, sweet love of Mo and Jay with their precious engagement session on the Konza Prairie. :)

When with Jay (and honestly just in general), Mo was always seconds away from giggling! It never took much to break their "serious" faces. 

I should mention, some of Mo's ecstatic behavior was attributed to her profound love of the Konza Prairie. It had been three years since she had visited, so it was something like coming home for her. Thank goodness it made such a pretty backdrop, right?!

After we traversed the Konza (and might have broken a little sweat on that hike), we headed to Mo's secret star-viewing, corn-field cuddling place. She had developed several beautiful memories there and wanted Jay to be a part of her newest ones.

Mo is strikingly beautiful, and I think being in these meaningful places (with her fiancé!) made her particularly glow-y. ;) 

And there you have it! The sweet, short adventure of Mo and Jay on their Kansas session. It was so fun to see this friend I've known for a handful of years with the man of her dreams. Thank you both for allowing me to be part of ALL of the amazingness (including your wonderful selves!!)!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606