Rachel & Gabe | A Love Story | Hale Library & Konza Prairie Engagement | Manhattan, KS

They walked campus at the same time, hung out with the same friends, and enjoyed the same places---but they never met. It wasn't until they graduated from college and began their lives away from K-State that they finally crossed paths. It sounds like some wacky, serendipitous, romantic drama that seems too out there to be true. This stuff only happens in the movies, right? Apparently not! And even better---turns out real life is way more gripping!! 

After seeing these two interact with each other, it's clear they have a strong chemistry. Kissing was absolutely their favorite pastime, as well as admiring how ridiculously good-looking they both were. I'd venture to say these two have been quite appropriately cast to be each other's leading lady/fella in their upcoming roles as husband and wife.

Before they jump in to the adventure of marriage together, take a look at their sweet (and STEAMY) engagement around the K-State campus, Hale Library, and the glorious Konza Prairie. 

I love the way these two can be so cuddly and serene---and then be so broadway-esque and graceful! It's a pretty killer combo. ;)

We went to the Great Room at Hale Library and had some seriously epic moments. That light, am I right?! Then we snuck around to a secret little park on campus. These two onsistently delivered. Oh, and that kiss up there on the right? That's just like... how they kiss.

Yeah. I know. It's ridiculous.

We got out to the Konza with a healthy amount of sunset left and whoa momma---there was some gorgeous/adorable romance going on. Rachel was beside herself, as the Konza was one of her all time favorite locations in Manhattan and she hadn't visited in several years. She completely relished being there with her very own fiancé having her very own engagement session. It was a sweet reminder of how photographing these moments might be an every-day occurance for me---but there was nothing everyday about it for them! It's such an honor to do what I do and help make little dreams come true for my clients. :)

And there you have it! Steamy. Classy. Adorable.

Gabe and Rachel---your wedding is seriously going to be so amazing. My favorite part about it all is how excited you are!! This November is going to be wonderful, and I know you two are going to have the time of your lives! Thank you both for trusting me enough to let me follow you around during this precious time, and best wishes to you as you make your wedding come together one day at a time. Happy engagement!!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606