Aubri & Jeremy | Thompson Barn Lenexa, KS | A Classically Romantic Wedding Story

There was something so special about Aubri and Jeremy's wedding day. It was a day that left guests feeling full, with hearts overflowing. There was so much intentionality through their faith, and meaning through the ways they expressed their love for one another that day. The way they decided to celebrate the covenant they made with one another was something incredibly profound, and there is only way way to adequately relive it.

There was investment by their community of loved ones throughout the whole day. One of my favorites had to be Aubri's heirloom wedding and engagement rings which once belonged to Jeremy's grandmother. Excuse me while I cry like a baby.

Everyone (Aubri's bridesmaid, her mom, the sandwich guy (there wasn't a sandwich guy)) were just overjoyed about seeing her in her wedding dress. It was a sweet moment of reflection and expectation.

Once Aubri and Jeremy were dressed and ready to go, we headed over to the main house on the Thompson Barn property where Jeremy waited to see Aubri for the first time as his bride.

And this was his reaction. A man, absolutely elated about the prospect of seeing the woman he gets to call "wife" for life. With the opening of his eyes, everything became so incredibly real to both of them.

We walked around the property and made the most of the beautiful sunshine that afternoon. Despite the hot weather, these two kept in such high spirits. Nothing could get them down, man!

After a few sweet moments with just the two of them (as well as family and wedding party photos), they made themselves scarce and prepared to marry each other. I can only imagine the anticipation they were feeling!

You guys. This ceremony. There was so much laughter! Not only that, but it was clear that Jeremy was trying to set a precedent for his relationship with Aubri! At one point, he surprised her with a song that he freaking wrote to tell everyone (including Aubri) how excited he was to have a good wife---to which many cheered! Not only that, but Aubri and Jeremy had messianic Jewish elements in their ceremony, which made the concept of two families uniting the forefront of the service. It was so much more than a marriage of husband and wife, and quite appropriately carried a deep meaning with it.

Now you're about to see the moment where Aubri and Jeremy kissed for the first time. Ever.

Everyone was pretty excited about it. ;)

Shortly after their ceremony, I stole them away for a few moments of sunset photos. It was absolutely the sweetest thing! They were able to just stare at each other and giggle as the idea that "hey.. we're married!" settled in. I felt pretty privileged to be a little people-watchy while that went down.

Once the sun settled into the horizon, it was time to celebrate with everyone! Toasts, dancing, and cake were had! There was some serious jubilee, folks.

They danced, they laughed, they conquered.

Just before my evening with them came to a close, I snagged them for one last shot. It's one of my favorites from the whole day. Oh yeah, except for this next image. It's probably the least technically sound image I've ever posted on my blog, but I can explain. ;) After saying goodbye to these two, I was packing up my things when I heard Hava Nagila come on the speakers. "They're not going to throw them up in chairs are they?" I thought. And then I heard cheering. So I sprinted back to the dance floor, and snapped shots as quickly as I could! While my flashes weren't quite configured properly, and my camera settings were off, I'd say a moment was captured. Thanks for understanding. ;)

Aubri and Jeremy---it's been said already, but seriously. Thank you for letting me join you on your wedding day. It was such a special thing to experience, and it's going to change the way I think about weddings in the futures. Hugs to you both!! Happy married-ness!!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606