Nikki & Mark | A Love Story | Downtown & Country Estate Engagement | Ellsworth, KS

Today I'm so excited to share Nikki and Mark's hometown-homegrown love with you!

We started their engagement session in the middle their hometown, and it seemed like every new spot we visited someone was either honking their horn or stopping to chat for a second, gushing with happiness that these two were super engaged and getting their pictures taken. You know you've found a power-couple when the town is already celebrating!

We got some sun-soaked greenery at Krizek Park (#gushingcityfolk) to warm up, then we headed to historic downtown Ellsworth (#honkinghomies) to wrap up the first half of their session. Goodness gracious---everything was just so cute! It only aided in Mark & Nikki's ease with one another! Both were so quick to smile and show their sweet love for one another.

We completed their session at the place they plan to call home for the rest of their forever together. Nothing warms my heart more than couples taking me to places that hold so much meaning for them. And what's cooler than pictures at your home where the memories have hardly even begun. Ahhh. I'm just going to hug myself it's so sweet!!

Not only was their location sweet, but these two---they were like honey. I can't handle it. The way she looks at him with the sweetest puppy dog eyes? Bah!

As the sun rested over the prairie and the skies turned into a technicolor display, their engagement session came to a close. If these final moments were any indication of their future together, then I expect nothing more than the utmost beauty in their days to come.

Nikki & Mark---this April is going to be just pretty much the best ever. I can't wait to join you guys as you tie-the-knot in what's sure to be a quintessentially Kansan wedding.

Best wishes to you both as you get closer and closer each day to be being MARRIED!!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606