Bekah& Jon | A Wedding Story | Life's Finer Moments | Clay Center, KS

It was clear from the beginning that there was something special about Bekah and Jon. Through our initial e-mails, Bekah was just so sweet. I knew she was going to be fun to work with! However, when I met her and Jon for the first time at their engagement session, it was clear that not only was Bekah as kind as she appeared to be over the interwebs, but Jon seemed the perfect match her. It was a rare sight!

During my brief time interacting with them, I've seen that they are truly genuine, caring people. They believe in edifying others, as well as one another, and while they seem adequately focused on their relationship, they are ultimately focused on Jesus. They made a point to glorify Him throughout their whole day in the most graceful, authentic way, and I know that's merely a glimpse into what their lives together as husband and wife will look like. 

It was such a gift to get to spend the day with two people that are filled with so. much. love, and I hope you can tap in to some of that beauty as you glance through their story. Join me on a walk through Bekah and Jon's wedding day at Life's Finer Moments!

Those sweet, private moments where Bekah's mom and sister helped her get ready were just so precious. They were all so excited knowing that Bekah would be married so soon!! Happiness exuded from their every pore!

Jon was bursting at the seams over seeing Bekah! He kept getting worried that he was going to see her early---and he also thought she was right behind him all the time! You can clearly see the culmination of his anxiety here!

Shortly after their first look, they spent a few moments taking in their wedding---together! They stood on the balcony, and overlooked the place where they would soon be exchanging vows and committing their lives to one another. 

Afterwards, we took a few portraits around the property.

Bekah's right hand women. Good. Ness. They were my favorite. All eight of them! I could've photographed them and their love for the bride-of-the-hour all day!

They all joined upstairs for some pre-ceremony prayer. They were literally surrounded by their closest family and friends who covered them in prayer and encouragement. They couldn't have been more ready for their ceremony!

I almost died (in the best of ways) when I saw Bekah's mom wrote these cards for her to see when she was at the altar. Gosh. Can you feel the love?!

Shortly into Bekah and Jon's ceremony, they shared communion together. It was an intimate time of prayer and purpose.

Exuberantly, seriously, and joyfully---they entered into marriage.

And here they are folks. In their precious, first moments as husband and wife.

Can I just take a second to say how good these two looked?! Bekah's dress slayed me, and Jon's suspenders?! It was just too much. They had it together!

All of their guests couldn't wait to celebrate with them! When we returned from taking photos (which was seriously only 15 minutes!), they loudly and triumphantly welcomed them back to their wedding from the balcony! It was a strangely heart-warming experience.

With LOUD cheers, they stepped into their reception. It was clear everyone was ready to cover them in sheer jubilee! First though, they took time to honor every person in their 16 person wedding party and as well as warm up the dance floor with their sweet married love. :)

Once their initial dances were over, Bekah's brothers stepped out and started the party appropriately with "the wobble". Needless to say---the dance floor was almost instantly packed. The rest of the evening involved copious amounts of dancing, and it made for such a fun atmosphere to be in! It was nothing short of epic!

Bekah and Jon---you beautiful young married couple---enjoy your freaking amazing honeymoon! And ALSO thank you so so so so much from the bottom of my feet for letting me be there on your wedding day! I just want to hug you, but I can't, so consider this my digital hug! You guys were awesome!!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606