Abbey & Andrew | A Love Story | Loose Park Neighborhood Engagement

Abbey and Andrew have this classically adorable vibe about them, and I just freaking love it. Not only are they wildly good at dressing themselves (oh you'll see!), but they also carry this "We're cute and in love" demeanor with them pretty much all the time. 

Between Abbey's relaxed and kind personality, and Andrew's more out-there persona, it was clear to see that they have the happiest kind of balance between the two of them. Together, they were seriously some of the nicest people to work with, and I know that such characteristics will only strengthen them as they become husband and wife!

Now join me on their adorable, classy, and all kinds of giggly-in-love Kansas City engagement session! It was all kinds of stunning!

For Abbey and Andrew's session, they highly prioritized the place that had their heart: home. So we began their session in no better place than their quaint front porch---with their cute-as-can-be golden doodle, Bosco.

I have to explain a teensy bit about the photo below. Abbey and Andrew share a last name---though they're not yet married. The odds were probably quite likely that they'd bump into someone else with the last name "Brown," but marry them?! Now that's a fun cocktail of quirky-cute that just doesn't come along everyday. So yeah, he's stealing her last name. Which he already has. It's what evs. ;)

After Bosco's final appearance that evening, we took a moment for a quick outfit change as we entered into the Slow Jams (all rights reserved) portion of our session. There were so many sweet moments of cuddles to be had!

Abbey's ring is just somethin' else! Just all. the. diamonds. I drooled.

Hey you guys---thanks for being kind, gracious, and entirely lovely at your engagement session this weekend! You were so sweet to work with, and I know that means your wedding is going to basically be the best. ;) Happy wedding planning you two! 

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606