Monica & Rod | A St. Thomas More Catholic Church & Holiday Inn Wedding | Manhattan, KS

That cloudy afternoon in fall marked the beginning of something bigger than a mere changing of seasons. With the leaves subtlely shifting colors, preparing to be shed from the trees they've called home since Spring, Monica and Rod were preparing for an even bigger shift in their lives. As she changed out her robe for a wedding dress and he fastened his tie, they prepared to walk forward into a total and complete transformation, body and soul. They, Monica and Rod, were merely moments from saying "Yes" until death, to being absolutely and whole-heartedly married.

She was getting ready in a room full of women who were all smiles, and despite the nerves and fears of a very quickly approaching wedding, she had peace. She had calm. Meanwhile, Rod was anxiously awaiting his chance to see her for the first time. And friends, when they met, when *he* saw *her*, it was a beautiful moment of surrender, as tears flooded his eyes and he met his fiancé as a bride for the very first time.

The moment of the first look set the tone for the day, as they emotionally, through tears and laughter got married and celebrated, putting everything out there. They made the most of getting married, packing the dance floor, and loving deeply, making sure everyone was taken care of, loved, and knew they were adored. Things could not have gone more beautifully as Rod and Monica became Mr. and Mrs. :)

Monica & Rod---I wish you both all the best as you begin your life together as husband and wife!! I so look forward to seeing where life takes you. :) Thank you for being so precious and caring for me! Best wishes, and all the love! 

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606