Maggie & Brian | A Lavender & Breakfast for Dinner Stonehouse and Prairiewood Wedding | Manhattan, KS

Maggie and Brian are two of a kind. Looking at these photos of them I think of some of their many-mentioned qualities that came up throughout their wedding day. They're intelligent architects, passionate K-Staters (go Wildcats!), openly quirky in all the best ways, and they share a special sort of connection with one another. As the words to their first-dance song eluded: home really did seem to be wherever the other one was.

Brian, who was first Maggie's friend and fellow student, grew to adore her, and after convincing Maggie he was pursuing her (apparently she found it hard to believe), they seemed like a reasonably wonderful match. As many guests at their wedding said, they brought out the best in one another, in ways know one knew they could until it happened. Seeing their two families together at their wedding only solidified that same feeling in my mind as well. As the union of not just two individuals, but two entirely large networks of people associated by blood, marriage, friendship, and chance, there was an over-arching sense of instant community and love between everyone their entire wedding day.

From their traditional ceremony at Seven Dolors in Manhattan, KS, to their contemporary ceremony at Stone House, to their reception at the Blue Sage Barn at Prairiewood, every moment, though varied with different looks and paces, was covered with joy. The collaborations of Abby WempeKistner's Flowers, and Blue Stem Bistro only made the nuances of their relationship (like their keenness for breakfast for dinner!) shine that much more. With full bellies and over-flowing hearts, guests left with more than a little to smile about that last Saturday of October. To Maggie & Brian I say---love will find a way. ;) 

Thank you both for being a delight every step of the way! I wish you the best as you enter into this new season of life, and I'm currently sending you all of the virtual hugs I can! Best wishes, beautiful people, and congratulations! 

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606