Kassy & Gunner | An Autumn Konza Prairie Engagement

Meet Kassy & Gunner. They met in high school, went to college together, and are committing to a lifetime together the fifth of August, two thousand seventeen. These two were the absolute happiest about having their picture taken. Early in the session, I expressed utter joy for how their images were turning out, to which Gunner responded, “Why stop now?!” Um. What?! He could not have possibly said kinder words! It made me feel so confident that I was going to enjoy every step of the way with these two!

As we hiked through the Konza Prairie (barely skimming the surface of that gorgeous place!), I kept feeling so much happiness as I photographed them. Looking back on their session, I can only think I have such positive feelings because of how comfortable they were with one another. It's easy to photography people that have a depth and a certainty to their relationship, and these two? They have it.

You can view some more thoughts I have (and a sweet moment) from their session over on Instagram, but to really get an eye-full of this pair---scroll, scroll, scroll away!

You guys--I know already that August 5th 2017 is gonna. be. the. bomb. no matter what happens that day, because of how wonderful you two are! Best wishes for the remainder of your engagement!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606