Olivia & Peter | A Glam & Burgundy Fall Troy, KS Wedding

The day had a crisp, Autumn feel, which for some strange reason fills the air with a bit of magic. As Olivia happily (seriously HAPPILY) got ready for her wedding with her right hand women at her side, I was elated to see that this girl? She was super duper chill about the fact that she was about to be married to Peter. After eight years together, it made sense that she was calm, but regardless, I'm always happy to see a relaxed bride!

From their first look (first with Peter and then a surprise last-minute first look with Olivia's father), to their photos--all the the way to the ceremony, it was clear that Peter and Olivia were strongly supported by everyone around them. Even their priest seemed especially fond of the two of them, taking special care to note just how great they were during their ceremony.

During sunset photos on the property surrounding their church, Olivia warned me (clearly thinking about the moments to follow) that her people know how to have fun. Girlfriend was not lying. It seemed as though warming up the dance floor was not necessary, as it filled almost immediately, and then it stayed full for hours. HOURS people. It is quite possibly the perfect way to celebrate that fact that these two took the knot, and they tied it. They tied it good!

Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Masters!

I just adore you both. Enough said, right?

I'm endlessly thankful for your kindness as individuals, and I dearly look forward to seeing the joy you'll bring to others as a married couple. You're a gosh-darn happy factory, you two!

Have the absolute BEST time on your Vegas honeymoon!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606