Caroline & Jeff | A Classically Elegant Carl House Wedding | Auburn, GA

Every couple brings with them their own variety of emotions on a wedding day, but these two were something a little bit special. Jeff constantly wore his emotions on his sleeve, and though Caroline's emotions were a bit more reserved, I couldn't help but think that Jeff was only showing externally what Caroline was feeling internally. It was such a joy to watch their feelings unfold through out the day and to see the excitement and nerves that accompany pre-wedding jitters. Their bursting-with-joy glow is something altogether reserved for a couple that's crazy about each other and elated about getting married.

Spring was just starting to show it's lovely face in Atlanta as trees were lightly dusted with blooms and the air held the occasional breeze (that I swear smelled like sweet tea). After rain clouds and the occasional shower teased us until minutes before their ceremony, no one could really complain about the extra heat on Caroline and Jeff's wedding at the lovely Carl House.

First though, I joined Caroline and her family at her grandfather's home. My heart went pitter patter over the wrapping front porch, so of course I couldn't help but photograph her details there. It was such a peaceful setting for Caroline to very calmly prepare to become a bride. :)

We headed to the Carl House where she had her own parlor to finish getting ready. It was so quintessentially southern! 

Jeff and Caroline exchanged letters early that afternoon. While they didn't want to see each other before the ceremony, this made for such a sweet way for them to connect. Caroline wasn't expecting Jeff's letter, so she seemed to hang on every word! She promptly wrote something for him and sent it his way.

The way Caroline's mom looked act her was so sweet. She appeared to be so content with Caroline and excited for this new phase in her life. 

Jeff was just a happy little mess. See him beforehand was a total treat! 

Caroline and Jeff wanted to share some brief moments praying for one another, taking time to bless one another, their day, their guests, and their quickly approaching marriage. Jeff was so anxious about seeing Caroline he never turned his head, but he was overjoyed all the same. :)

Oh, their ceremony! It was swept and dried and ready for these sweet sweet moments you're about to see. I can't say I've ever see a groom more utterly expectant for his bride! I was torn between photographing them as much as possible or just watching everything unfold. It's so reassuring, seeing someone enraptured and overjoyed at the sight of their bride!

Through the whole ceremony Jeff kept giving Caroline a "this is really happening!" look. 

Oh man! These two. I just adored them!

After taking some moments with the wedding party, I stole Caroline and Jeff away for some 1 on 2 time. ;) They didn't seem one little bit opposed to having some together time so quickly after getting married!

They were just glowing! Seriously! It was a sight to see them so gracefully embrace their new state.

These two were so excited to get the party started! And I'd have to say, their guests likely agreed! Joy filled the room as they danced and celebrated with family and friends. :)

As the sun set, the party started! They did not disappoint. This crowd got funky!

Their night ended as their love began---with sparks! Too much? haha! Either way, they went out in style through a sparkler tunnel and road off into the sunset. It was so classy and fun! 

Seeing these two love, in Jeff's out-going way and Caroline's reserved way, reminded me of the ways a heart-felt relationship can manifest itself. In marriage, in friendships, in relationships outside of this world, sometimes feelings are all out there, and sometimes the greatest things are tucked safely under the surface, reserved for the perfect time.

Thank you both for letting me run out to Georgia and see your love in action! You've got the sweetest thing going, and I know it'll fuel you for all your future married adventures! Have the most amazing time learning to love in deeper ways than you've ever loved before!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606