When Breakfast is a Blessing

It’s strange to think I woke up this morning with my greatest annoyance being that my cat wanted to be fed and wouldn’t stop meowing. That I didn’t want to get out of my warm bed and walk my dog. That making breakfast seemed a task too hard to take on so maybe I’ll just do cereal. When, as I came to find out, tragedy and horror struck again across the Atlantic.

Fear, confusion, and burdens aside, I'm so thankful this morning that I'm blessed with breakfast. That I'm blessed with normalcy. That I daily fight against boredom and distraction. That my biggest struggle is staying off of Facebook. I'm thankful for that, knowing that it could be turned on it's head in an instant.

Moments like these remind me to live fully alive, to act in accordance with the commands I've been given, and to seek the Lord with an utter fervency. To cling to Him and never forget who He is.

Never stop praying. Never lose hope. Never feel weak.

Our prayers are sent to the sovereign God.
Our hope is in the Creator.
Our strength is from the strongest source.

We are never truly alone, so walk in the strongest assurance that ever was and ever will be. Never fear again, because above all, you are loved.

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606