Megan & BJ | A Pastureland Hoxie, KS Engagement

You could say they're high school sweethearts that met after college. Ok, there's a little more to it than that. ;) It's not everyday I photograph a couple on a high school football field, but let me assure you, it's because of the sweetest story. 

She was the new middle school English teacher. He was the single young football coach. All the students were convinced two teachers as available, and good-looking as them needed to go on a date. Little did they know love had already been assigned to these two, and they'd been doing their homework. ;)

Megan and BJ were such a sweet, fun-loving pair that fit with each other like pizza parties and free soda. Megan was a freaking babe to photograph and BJ was her perfect compliment. Their wedding this July is going to be um. the best. The end. (Was that good grammar Megan?)

We explored a bit of Hoxie, including the nearby high school field. Marv, their spunky Boston Terrier joined us at the beginning. He was a ham that I almost stuck him in my car and brought him home. Afterwards we headed to the sweetest little park and captured the essence of spring. Hoxie exceeded my expectations!

Ahh! Megan you are such a beauty!! You too BJ. ;)

Megan's ring is one of my favorites! I'm always a sucker for the clean lines of a bevel-set ring. :)

For a change of pace we headed out to some nearby pastureland. The area was still and provided a great place to share some serene moments as the day came to rest. This was taken on the daffodils in her yard, which makes me seven kinds of happy.

After their outfit change it was time to get classically Kansas, so we headed to dirt roads and open skies!

Ooo! Things got so magical once the sun came out! I swear. Stars aligned and their love awakened! These two were all over it.

The weather was quite warm for March, but as the sun set it made for the perfect temperature for them to cuddle up!

Love the way miss Megan looked at BJ! She seems so proud to call him "husband" soon!

Seeing you two interact is seriously the best! You have such a peanut-butter and jelly comfort with one another like you're old friends that obviously work well together. ;)

Thank you so much for letting me join you for this journey! Your wedding is going to be nothing short of wonderful this summer!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606