Back in Kansas: One Year Later


A year ago *today* I flew back to KS after spending a year in Alaska (with a quick stop at WPPI in Las Vegas on the way home, with a moment pictured below). One whole year ago! It's hard to believe. 366 (leap year!) days of so many changes and so many familiarities.

It's sort of like March marks the beginning of a new year for me, considering so many things changed since this time last year. Friendships grew, faded, and transformed. Jeff and I rounded five years of marriage. We adopted a sweet pooch named Sis. I flew more planes than any other previous year in my life (so much that I stopped taking the iconic wing-out-the-window photo). Rose Wheat Photography merged forces with Emma York Photography (babe featured in image below) to host a workshop. And today? I'm putting my hands to the plow and photographing my first round of commercial product photography. 

Our feeling of constantly being in transition has yet to change, but we're still. moving. forward, constantly surprised that our fuel tank never seems to empty (despite having long stretches of being on E!). I'm sure that our own constants are partially to blame for our endurance, our support system that always checks in, always loves, and is never afraid to ask the hard questions. A group we are unceasingly thankful for.

In this new year, this new season, I'm thankful. I'm so thankful. And so expectant. Like I imagine how women feel with their first child. I'm definitely not pregnant, but in all those maternity pictures I pretend I don't know what I know (you know, the *not so "glowing" parts of pregnancy), and I just go with it! The "it" being that feeling apparent of joy, of a somehow happy fear of the unknown, of growth. That's what I feel right now.

So in this moment I'm so grateful to look back on a year of all the "what ifs" that became realities and all the unknowns that shed their invisibility cloaks. Now I'm just Luna Lovegood, staring at those invisible horse-lookin' creatures (my Harry Potter knowledge is *premium*), waiting for someone who can see them with me. Because friends---what you don't see coming is cooler than I can ever articulate here! There's absolutely no doubt about that!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606