When it's Time to Repot

On March 1st I woke up, walked Sis (our sweet pooch!), and the moment I got into the house I set forward repotting all of our plants. This is not an everyday compulsion, and I tell you the truth when I say I have no idea why I did it. But by 7:30 AM, my plants were filled to the brim with fresh soil.

That dracena that tipped over with just a sideways glanced? It was now firmly set! That aloe vera plant that outgrew it's pot? It too was now thinned out with new plants of its own dispersed among new homes (one is pictured above in a leftover Talenti gelato container)! In no time at all, things were feeling fresh and new. 

 More little re-potted take-aways! With some new additions. ;)

More little re-potted take-aways! With some new additions. ;)

When I mentioned to my friend this strange, dirt-under-the-fingernails occurrence of mine, she said, "Maybe the Lord is telling you to repot." I heard those words and after a little thought realized, "Yes, most definitely. I will gladly step into a new place in life that gives me room to grow!"

So in the spirit of repotting, I figured now was as good of time as any to share with you the ways I see Rose Wheat Photography growing as I move into my sixth year of business next month!

1. Relocation! That's right! At some point in 2016, we Wheatleys will likely be uprooting and settling in a glorious nearby city! Stay tuned! Along the lines of moving, I also plan to travel less for work this year and work more actively in my hometown.

2. New Additions! No, I'm not talking about babies. ;) But I am talking about adding product photography, branding headshots, and *I quiver in fear* a YouTube channel to my line-up! All of these things are already underway and will *hopefully* lead to greater growth!

3. Education! Starting this past February, I teamed up with Emma York Photography to host The Honor Workshop. This year we plan to host more workshops together which means I'll be stretching ALL my teaching muscles! Scary but good! I also intend to actively pursue more self-education, conferences, and workshops to be all that I can be. Hi-yah!


Uprooting, laying down new soil, not knowing if the plant with thrive---it's risky! But goodness, it's worth the cost. If this is truly what's in store for me, what has to be certain is this: growth is coming and it's yield has got to be good! That's starting with coming around here a bit more. ;) So be sure to follow to stay updated!

During my upcoming and current states of transition, not only am I excited to share my heart-innerds (eww) with you, but I so look forward to hearing about your journeys! I want to connect with you my readers, followers, clients, and random succulents that miraculously learned how to read. So go ahead, be vulnerable with me! Comment, connect, and let's stir each others hearts a bit!

As always, to stay more frequently connected with me, head over to my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook! Otherwise---hugs and kisses, Rosebuds! Stay lovely!


Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606