Sydney & Tim's Classic Spring Wedding | Faith Evangelical Free & The Wareham Opera House | Manhattan, KS

He had all but given up on getting married, when Sydney walked in to his small group last year. It wasn't long before they were all one another could think about. :) 

It was reiterated over and over again that they had both waited a very long time for a spouse, to the extent that they had almost given up their search. But their prayers were heard and they received the sweetest answer.

In the same way they prayed for future spouses, they walked through their engagement with a strong intentionality. It is clear that though their relationship is young it carries a depth unique to having a prayer-filled relationship.

This past Saturday, around a year after their initial Bible study together, they got married. Sydney never could have guessed that walking into a new small group last year would lead to walking down the aisle toward her future husband. :)

Sydney's bridesmaid Jacqueline let her get ready at her gorgeous, colorful, light-filled home. The air was filled with a serene sense peace that kept this sweet bride seemingly at ease. ;)

When I walked in worship music was playing softly on a radio in the background while candles filled the air with a sweet aroma. Sydney sat on a couch writing out a letter to her fiance that she would read later in the day as her bridesmaids finished getting ready.

One of my favorite moments all day was when she put on her dress. The moment itself was nothing out of the ordinary. Her bridesmaids gathered around her, her mother helped zip up her dress, and everyone (quite appropriately) was taken aback with the realization that their sweet friend/sister/daughter was finally a bride. What really made this seemingly ordinary moment something a little more amazing was the song playing in the background.

As her mother was zipping her up, Kristian Stanfill sang these words "like a bride waiting for her groom, we'll be a church waiting for you. Every heart longing for our King, we sing. Even so come. Lord Jesus come." I had to pause and look around the room. It was so clear that something greater was happening, that a greater story was being written that very moment. That her desire to have a husband was just a small reflection of what's to come.  It was so powerful! Needless to say, it filled with me excitement for the rest of their day!

Of course I had to steal her away for a couple moments! She. Was. Beaming!

Tim graciously let me steal a few moments with him as he was getting ready. Shortly after that we met up, Sydney met with Tim so they could read letters to one another. As they stood back-to-back, it was clear that though they were in standing in silence, inches apart, they were sharing a sweet connection. 

They parted aways, waiting to see each other until their ceremony, and we met back up with the loveliest bunch of ladies!

Now these girls, these adored miss Sydney, who was seriously incredulous the whole day that she was getting married. She kept repeating the phrase, "I'm getting married!" to her sister. Every step of the way they lifted her up. They laughed with her, loved on her, and prayed for her.

With a few moments left before the ceremony, I stole the guys away for a couple shots. They all appeared to be equally proud of and excited for Tim!

Their laughter-filled ceremony seemed to fill everyone's heart! Everyone was just beaming for them. :)

We briefly stepped outside for some wedding party images before skittering off for sunset photos.

Manhattan Hill was the perfect place along the way to the reception to pop in for some sunset moments. They were encouraged by a few strangers along the way, but nothing could seem to separate them from soaking up the reality that they were finally married.

It was a brief but beautiful handful of moments overlooking Manhattan with them!

They joined their guests at The Wareham Opera House which made for a classically downtown Manhattan, KS wedding. Everyone was cozied up together as they dined and danced!

This was one of my favorite places to shoot in Manhattan because of the dark, cozy ambiance. Everyone seemed to glow and feel safe as they poured out their hearts, sharing the way they loved Tim and Sydney, accepting this new phase in their lives!

Thank you both for allowing me to walk with you a short while through your engagement and wedding day!

It was such an encouraging process, remembering the reason why we love, the creative way God answers our prayers of longing, and that His plans are always greater than ours.

Best wishes as newlyweds, my sweet friends! 

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606