Nikki & Mark | A Lavender Salina KS Masonic Lodge Wedding

It was said repeatedly at their wedding: they've been together.... forever! Well, since at least seventh or either grade. ;) It's not every day you come across a couple that's been together for so long. Guest after guest came forward with stories about them that have been around for years!

You can only know so much about a couple from speaking to them one on one, but what is said when they're surrounded by hundreds (literally! there were almost 400 people in attendance!) of people that adored them is a whole other story. It was especially apparent that the lifelong union of these two was warmly welcomed by so many people that cared deeply about them!

The most beautiful part of their history together is that it went from high school tales of speeding tickets to stories of depth that involved so many people saying they helped each other become the best version of themselves. And to think---these two were becoming one? They were choosing to spend the rest of their lives together? There's really no better ending---or rather beginning---to such a story!

Nikki and all her girls seemed so excited that she was getting married! Not only did they look amazing, but they were so willing to help. Any assistance/love/shameless dancing you see from them is from the overflow of their hearts. They just adored miss Nikki and the fact that she was marrying her man!

Ooooh man! It's not every day that I get to do a true First Look, and my, was this a treat! He was nervous about seeing her. She was excited to see him! And together? They were pure poetry! There's nothing more special than that moment on a wedding day when the bride and groom are united and you get to capture them as a pair for the rest of the day.

Goodness! So much adorable happiness. And beauty! I could photograph Nikki and her joy all day!

And their wildly adoring wedding party! They just made my heart bubble with happy feels!

Their ceremony was held at the high-ceilinged mid-century modern inspired Saint Mary's Parish Church where everyone surrounded them in hugs and happiness as they vowed to be one.

They had the sweetest little bubble-covered exit as they left their ceremony. 

After their ceremony, we escaped to explore Kenwood Park. It was brimming with all things springy and gorgeous! It was the perfect place for these two to show off their newlywed love to passersby.

The reception was buzzing with so many guests that could not wait for their arrival! Everything at the Masonic Lodge felt so romantic from the calla lily-filled centerpieces to the twinkle-light canopy. 

From their wedding party to their family, no one was at a lack for words! Everyone had something gushingly kind to say to these two. :) 

As though tears weren't already brimming, they definitely started to flow once dancing began! 

Before the night got away from us, we snuck outside for a few sunset photos. The weather basically made for a perfect April evening!

After spending a refreshing time outside, we trickled back to their reception where the party had gotten rockin' and rollin' in Nikki and Mark's absence. No worries though---they jumped right in on the fun!

You guys---the people at this wedding danced hard. They just let it all out! All I could think that whole time was, "Nikki & Mark have people that really love them!" And truly---that's what weddings are all about! Bringing together people that love the people enough separately that they will whole-heartedly support and love them as a unit! 

You two are so great. Seriously. Thank you for letting me be a part of the beginning moments of your marriage together. I wouldn't trade it for anything! Best wishes to you both as newlyweds, and I hope this post brings a spring to your step as you enter into this new chapter!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606