Abbey & Andrew | A Lilac & Ranunculus Hawthorne House Wedding | Parkville, MO

They met at a work meeting, in the perfect collision of their personalities. She was quietly working in a corner. He entered, 90s music blaring, with, I'm imagining, an entourage of joking co-workers. His playful vibes had nothing on her graceful demeanor, though! Andrew, being immediately drawn to Abbey, was floored when she accepted his offer to grab drinks after work. They hit it off in the way that they *couldn't stop talking* to one another, and it seemed pretty clear that they'd met their match. He proposed, with their sweet dog Bosco dressed to the nines, and followed up the question with a full night of celebrating on a party bus with friends near and far. It was no surprise that their wedding carried a similar vibe! 

From their adventurous escapades in their relationship (skydiving & marathons, people!) to the countless ways they made room for themselves and their guests to have *quite possibly* the most fun ever, it was clear that their precedent over the whole day was to celebrate their cute little shoes off. It was the perfect convergence of beauty and boistrocities (boisterous atrocities... duh), and I'm pretty sure everyone went home with a smile on their faces.

I'm convinced that though they have made fitness a high priority in their lives, the thing that has truly kept these two in good shape is their ability to belly laugh through just about anything, including their ceremony! The day was laced with some of the best puns I've heard in a while, as well as one of the best *crowds* to enjoy said puns. Everybody seemed to relish in loving/partying/dancing/laughing to their hearts content, and it made for the most magical even of epic proportions. 

To keep things light and keep everyone cared for, they even had take-home treats from their sweet dog Bosco, as well as late-night Minsky's pizza from KC. Which was a well deserved reward for all the guests who danced like crazy people to the wildly entertaining live music from The Patrick Lentz Band. To quote a guest, they *truly* thought of everything and made sure everyone went home happy. 

Abbey and Andrew--thank you for hosting such a great celebration as the two of you committed to a lifetime together! Best wishes to you both (and Bosco too!) as you grow as a married couple! Keep adventuring, you crazy kids. ;) 

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606