Jillian & Chanler | A Merlot & Blush Prairiewood Summer Wedding | Manhattan, KS

Their day was clear, cloudless, and warm with blue skies welcoming their wedding. While it was appropriately toasty for early July, I was so excited to be able to see their marriage be born with Kansas' best at Prairiewood just outside of Manhattan, KS. Jillian was surrounded by a whole host of amazing women the morning of her wedding who not only took it upon themselves to look amazing, but also loved her like crazy as flowers were pinned in her hair, her buttons were fastened, and the final touch-ups were done with her makeup.

Everyone from her best friends to her parents tearfully and joyfully helped Jillian become a bride, which was a role she so gracefully filled. Hugs, tears, and primping aside, it was time for Jillian to see Chanler. They had their first look on the lawn of StoneHouse, and they seemed so satisfied to be in each others' arms---this time dressed as bride and groom, ready to be married and pledge their lives to one another.

Jillian walked down the aisle smiling from ear-to-ear, shaking her head, fighting back tears, almost in disbelief that she was about to marry Chanler. It was such a sweet way to walk to her future husband! Surrounded by weeping mothers, handed off by Jillian's father and handed to Chanler's, these two were united and prepared to pledge their lives to one another. Chanler's dad proudly led the ceremony, as he poured out his love and prayers for them. In the middle of the ceremony, Jillian's dad had the opportunity to contribute his skills as a doctor as her brother fainted as a standing groomsman. Thankfully he was immediately surrounded with assistance by a handful of doctors as well as Jillian herself. What a bride who leaves the altar to make sure her brother is ok. ;) 

The evening went by so quickly after sunset photos, a food truck dinner, and some precious toasts. Despite Jillian's feeling unwell at the reception, those precious newlyweds were sweet enough to have a final exit, surrounded by sparklers. They shared a final kiss before hopping in the getaway car. What a beautiful day, that made Manhattan in July seem nothing short of wonderful! 

Jillian and Chanler, I can't thank you enough for letting me cover the beginning of your story. It was beautiful, emotional, and joyful... too many great things to talk about! Good luck to you both in this adventure!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606