Megan & BJ's Hometown Rural KS Wedding | Olmitz, KS

She was the cute new teacher in town, and all the students thought BJ was doing himself a disservice if he didn’t ask her on a date. Little did they know, sparks were already flying between Megan and their math teacher.

As the youngest of five, it was kind of a big deal for Megan to get married. Not only was she the last of her siblings to get married, but she was clearly the most precious. So naturally, her sisters and brother wouldn’t have accepted anyone short of the best for Megan, and thankfully, no-one short of the best came her way.

BJ and Megan are the perfect pairing of personalities, where he has the strength to match her moxie and they both clearly have a passion for educating the youth of America. As both of their families would agree, they each needed someone who wasn’t afraid to speak their minds, and they certainly got that!

As a special gift from above, their wedding day offered some adventurous weather. With rain in the morning, spirits were high. Everything came together, one bridesmaid at a time, until Megan herself finally took on the appearance of a bride ready to marry her groom. During their sweet ceremony held in the gorgeous St. Ann's Catholic Church in Olmitz, KS, clouds began to roll in with rumors of hail and tornadoes. Nothing could sway these newlyweds from enjoying every moment of their day though!

We adventured out for post-ceremony photos, running from tornadoes miles away as her guests huddled in the basement at their reception. While tornadoes touched down that day, everyone was thankfully safe. And while we didn’t personally see any, the buzz of adrenaline given from the possibility of such extreme weather certainly added an element of "I could die today" beauty to their images. Definitely something you don't get at every wedding. ;) 

Through rain or shine, hail or tornadoes, these two are surely up for some great adventures. Though having such an intense wedding day made the standards high, I think it's safe to say that their future to come holds quite a bit more intrigue. Here's to Mr. & Mrs. Beiker! 

Megan & BJ --- getting to join you on your wedding day was quite possibly my favorite. It was a total blast getting to see the way you love each other. Best wishes as newlyweds and in marriage!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606