Hannah & Matt | A Wine & Blush Sunset Zoo Wedding | Manhattan, KS

He confessed his feelings to her twice. And both times she turned him down. Matt knew she was the girl for him, though! So this past November at a wedding reception, he bravely layed everything on the line, and this time, Hannah was ready to tell him that she felt the same. In March he proposed to her with his grandmother's ring (that fit perfectly by the way). Then on a picturesque afternoon on August, 13th, 2016, Hannah and Matt vowed in front of their closest family and friends to make a lifetime out of their relationship, to pursue Jesus above all things, and to honor the partner standing before them.

That afternoon I arrived at the hotel room, which was packed with some amazing women (two of whom were former brides of mine!). They were all grinning from ear to ear in excitement for Hannah. Her mother and sister joyfully zipped, buttoned, and fastened Hannah into her bridal attire, and then (after showing her gorgeous self to all of her bridesmaids), we departed to their first look. Matt was shockingly calm when I arrived to his getting ready location. Either this guy was really good at hiding his nerve, or getting to marry Hannah gave him a peace. Regardless, I was impressed with his demeanor! As Hannah walked to him, he jumped around to see her and had the biggest grin at the sight of his bride! They spent the day laughing, celebrating and praying with the happiest group of people. Then, after their Sunset Zoo ceremony was over, in perfect, celebratory fashion, they practically lit the dance floor on fire with their crazy dance moves and wobble, funked, and twisted the night away!

Joy, Jesus, and Jubilee. Three words that mostly sum up Hannah and Matt's sweet wedding, and I would like to think---their lifetime together as well! Congratulate them after you walk through their precious Manhattan wedding day!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606