Katie Jo & Chris | Flint Hills Kansas Engagement

Not every session is filled with quite as much adventure and personality as Katie Jo and Chris's engagement session. Maybe it was holding the session on their ranching property, maybe it was meeting a friendly cat name Cookies, climbing fences, watching Chris get thrown off a horse named Kat, getting followed by a minor stampede of cows, and getting nearly blown away by the chilly December Kansas winds on the Flint Hills, but goodness those two hours with them were definitely memorable!

They took everything that happened at the session with so much ease. Perhaps I'm just not accustomed to ranch life, but I couldn't get over how well these two just rolled along with whatever came their way. Chris legitimately got thrown off a horse (I was too scared he was going to die to take pictures. I know... I'm the worst!), and he bounced up smiling... albeit covered in hay! Katie Jo joined in with huge smiles and laughter. It's a quality well suited for many an adventure in life, especially the adventure that is marriage, which these two plan to enter into this coming summer.

Engagement sessions are my all time favorite way to get to know a couple, and Katie Jo and Chris's session certainly made that happen! On their session I learned that they are resilient (as made clear above), they laugh deeply, and they love with a tender sincerity. I see them growing in strength together and becoming a strong union in the months to come leading up to and after their wedding. While most likely no one will be getting thrown off a horse at their session, I do believe that getting married will be enough of an adventure to handle for quite some time!

Emma Wheatley

TOPEKA, KS, 66606